Dozens of employees who worked security at the Rockville Concert in Jacksonville in April say they have still not been paid. They were contracted by a company based in Tampa.

“I don’t know what’s going on and I’ve tried to be respectful it’s just we’re not getting paid,” said Brett, who asked us not to use his last name.

He said he's one of dozens waiting to get paid for security work they did April 29 and 30 during the Rockville concert in Jacksonville. He said he saw an ad on craigslist and applied for the job.

“The ad said that we were going to get fed, that we’d be making a certain amount of money and that we would be paid the next week,” Brett said.

He said the company that hired him is called Supreme Protection Services. That company was subcontracted by another company called Accurate Event Group.

“What I heard is they already got paid good for the event and that we were supposed to get paid through supreme and we didn’t and now they’re telling us that it’s another thirty days so I waited, I waited, I waited, it’s now been over 30 days,” Brett said.

But Brett said he’s still waiting for the check he was promised. “Three hundred bucks - that’s kind of a lot of money for someone like me… I want someone to show me the same respect that I give.”

First Coast News contacted both companies. Over the phone the general manager at Accurate Event Group, Scott Hamilton, said they paid Supreme Protection Services. However, the owner of Supreme Protection Services, Richard Muhammad, said Accurate Event Group still owes them a large sum of money so they haven’t been able to pay all the workers they hired. Since that first conversation, he went on the record to say the workers will be paid June 19.

Some of the workers say they still plan to pursue legal action.