JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Bullets don’t discriminate. That’s the message one Jacksonville mother wants other parents to know after her teenage son was shot and killed five months ago.

With his killer still on the loose and motive still unclear, Latasha Hobbs is speaking out against gun violence with the group Moms Demand Action.

This weekend, the group is encouraging people to wear Orange. On Saturday, they held a rally at Friendship Fountain Park to raise awareness against gun violence.

“Unfortunately, my son was taken by gun violence January 26 of this year two days after his 18th birthday,” Hobbs said.

Back in January, Hobbs’ only son, 18-year-old Maurice Hobbs was shot and killed while walking down Cortez Road in Jacksonville's Southside Estates neighborhood.

“To me, it’s been seconds, it’s been a few months but to me it’s been seconds,” Hobbs said.

Latasha remembered speaking to her son about shooting victim Jordan Davis at killed at Gate Gas station back in 2012.

“He said it’s just sad mom all over music and you know I love music and now here I am having to mourn my own son," Hobbs said.

It’s this cycle of violence Moms Demand Action Jacksonville chapter leader Cheryl Anderson is trying to stop with events like the one held in Friendship Fountain Park. People were encouraged to wear the color orange

“It is not a color for fear— that’s what we want people to be loud stand up speak out,” Anderson said.

Anderson said her message isn’t about being anti-gun laws but gun safety.

“You know leaving a gun within reach of a child is opening yourself to a horrible incident,” Anderson said.

And one that can be avoided Hobbs said.

“A bullet has not title no label. You pull that trigger that bullets going to fly it doesn’t have a name on it doesn’t discriminate," she said.

Wear Orange was inspired by friends of Chicago teen Hadiya Pendleton, who was 15 years old when she was gunned down in a Chicago park in 2013.