Pokemon fever has once again gripped the nation. Except, this time, instead of just being children enamored with a trading card game/TV show, it's people of all ages playing Pokemon Go on their phones.

The game features an augmented reality system, with Pokemon appearing nearby and people using their phones to track it.

Unfortunately, that means walking around in public - on roadways, sidewalks and in parks - with people's faces crammed against their phones.

Pokemon Go is a blast, there's no doubt about it. However, that doesn't mean there haven't been the occasional... problem.

The game's been out a week - since July 6, but we've already had people robbed, arrested, shot and, in one instance from California, fall off of a cliff.

Here's a roundup of some less-than-awesome Pokemon Go stories:

TOLEDO | Two jailed for allegedly jumping Toledo Zoo fence to play Pokemon

The pair - Robin Bartholomy, 25, and Adrian Crawford, 26, reportedly jumped a fence at the Toledo Zoo around 2:30 a.m. Thursday morning and were arrested near the tiger cage while trying to catch 'em all, WNWO reports.

They each face a charge of criminal trespassing.


SAN DIEGO | Two Men Fall Down Cliff While Playing 'Pokemon Go'

When playing Pokemon Go causes injury, it's especially sad. On Wednesday, two men fell of a cliff while playing the smartphone game in San Diego's North County, KNSD reports.

A sign was posted in the park the men were at warning people of the unstable bluffs, but the men had climbed over it to find a Pokemon.

Both men were taken to a local hospital after falling about 50 feet down the cliff, KNSD says. The extent of their injuries is unknown.


SCRANTON | Pokemon Players Get Stuck in Dunmore Cemetery

Forty - yup, 40 - were catching the pocket monsters in a Pennsylvania cemetery on Tuesday night, WBRE reports.

At least one carload hadn't realized the gates had been closed and were trapped inside until police could free them.


WYOMING | Woman discovers body while playing 'Pokémon Go'

Probably the most famous incident of unintended consequences while playing Pokemon Go, a Wyoming woman reportedly found a dead body floating in a river while searching for Pikachu and his ilk.

The 19-year-old was out for a morning walk and found a man's body face down in water. In slightly related news, the death was an apparent accidental drowning.


MICHIGAN | Holland ‘Pokemon Go’ player finds unconscious woman

This is not-so-much a mishap as a 'what in the world?' A man in western Michigan was out playing Pokemon Go and found an unconscious driver behind the wheel of a car in an intersection. She was reportedly intoxicated, WOOD says.

Why this story made the list:

"I'm over here supposed to be catching Pokemon, not saving people, right?" the man said.


ST. LOUIS | Robbers use Pokémon Go to target victims

The Poke-scavenger hunt ended horribly for one man, when four people using the app pulled up to a Pokemon in St. Louis and, instead of trying to catch the Pokemon, instead robbed the other player, KSDK reports.

The four were arrested and charged in the crime.


DALLAS | Pokémon Go player bitten by venomous snake in North Texas

In North Texas, a teenager was bitten by a venomous snake while hunting for Pokemon. He's 18 years old and reportedly spent too much attention to his phone and not enough to his surrounded, WFAA reports.

He said he thought it was a stick. It wasn't.


NEW YORK | Man crashes car while playing Pokemon Go

A New York man suffered minor injuries and mangled his car while driving and playing Pokemon Go. This doesn't need much more explainer: Do not drive and play Pokemon Go. Don't ride a bike and play Pokemon Go, for that matter.

If you're playing Pokemon Go, please be walking (not running) and also paying attention to your surroundings.


INDIANAPOLIS | Sex offender caught playing Pokemon Go with teen

A sex offender was caught by an officer playing Pokemon Go with a teen outside an Indianapolis courthouse.

His bond hasn't been set at the time of this writing.


Please note that I have nothing against Pokemon Go. The game is a massive success and the vast majority of people have fun playing it. Those referenced in this article more than likely represent 0.1 percent of all players.

The point? Be careful - you can have fun and be safe at the same time.

Stay with First Coast News. We'll update as more instances of Pokemon Go problems arise. You can find two positive stories about the game below: