Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams hosted a walk Thursday night in the same neighborhood an Oceanway man was shot and killed while interrupting a burglary in his own home.

Fifty-year-old Kyle Simpson was shot at his home on Native Dancer Court in the Saddlewood subdivision in February.

The walk was hosted by the Sheriff and city council member Al Ferraro. Chuck Wilkie is the Crime Watch Coordinator for the Saddlewood HOA.

Wilkie said they've had minor break ins before, but nothing like what happened on February 6.

Ever since, Wilkie said homeowners have been more engaged and more prone to call and report suspicious activity.

Wilkie said another resident thought up the idea to have a neighborhood walk. He believes the walk helps reassure homeowners that the Sheriff's Office is aware and keeping an eye on crime in their neighborhood.

"I think anytime you have a sheriff or a public servant that's willing to come out, take their own time and talk with homeowners and really communicate to them on the crime and the situations going on in the area, it definitely will always help, that's never a bad thing," said Wilkie.

Scott Whittier who lives on the same street as the victim, said people still go about their lives, but he said he's seen fewer people outside lately walking their dogs.

More people have invested in cameras, security systems and are just more aware of their surroundings, according to neighbors.

"I think it brings attention to this kind of thing, and I think neighborhoods like this, we don't think that kind of thing can happen, but it definitely puts a little spot light on it," said Whittier.