There have been more than a dozen shootings across the First Coast in the last week and a half. On Friday, JaxPal held its first ever Friday night live initiative to try and curb some of that violence.

At an after-hours, all-night gym open to young men aged 13-18, men play basketball, chess, and other strategy games.

JaxPal hopes events like the one they're hosting on Friday keep young men off the streets during peak crime hours and help foster positive relationships with police.

The father of shooting victim Jordan Davis was there. He has a message for all young men listening:

"I just want these kids to know, number one - go home safe," said Ron Davis.

His teenage son, Jordan Davis, was shot and killed at a Gate gas station off Baymeadows Road in Jacksonville several years ago. While the killer is in jail, the altercation started because Jordan and his friends were listening to music loudly in their car.