JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – There is controversy after mural was painted over at Regions Bank in downtown Jacksonville.

Murals are being painted all over iconic downtown locations - but the one that's garnered a lot of attention is the mural on the Regions Bank building at the corner of Laura and Bay streets.

After being up for less than a month, the mural of a surveillance camera has been painted over. The international artist INO took to Facebook to sound off.

He wrote on his page, "Special thanks to the bank for erasing my work..."

When we saw his post, First Coast News made some calls to find out why it was removed. We spoke with the corporate office of Regions Bank in Birmingham.

They sent a statement saying: "It was a beautiful piece of art – just not on the right building. To be clear, Regions' support of the arts community in Jacksonville remains strong and will continue. "

Art Republic overseas the mural project. They say the finished mural did not reflect the approved sketch and that might explain why it was removed.