JACKSONVILLE, Fla, -- The Jacksonville Women Lawyer's Association cut the ribbon on a new nursing room in the Duval County Courthouse Wednesday.

It's the first of its kind in a courtroom on the First Coast. It will not only benefit women who work in the courthouse, but also benefit women all over downtown Jacksonville.

Those could be women who are lawyers, jurors, or prospective jurors. Or it could be women like Neileen Shoemaker who work downtown near the courthouse.

"It's definitely heartwarming to know that this is something that has been a focus for the Duval County Courthouse to do," Shoemaker said.

There are other nursing lounges on the First Coast, but one like this in a courthouse just started more recently. Courthouses in Miami-Dade, Tampa and the federal courthouse in Orlando all now have nursing lounges.

Shoaf Richardson says the first task her board asked her to do as President was to provide a nursing room. She went to Chief Judge Mark Mahon with the request and he almost immediately said yes.

"It's very well designed, it's got a refrigerator for storage, it's got a second door inside, so it gives you some measure of privacy, and it's kind of in a secluded area in the courthouse on the fourth floor, where there's not a lot of foot traffic or people where they could walk in or come in accidentally," Mahon said.

If you are in need of the nursing room, it's on the fourth floor. Just ask the fourth floor bailiff for the key.