We've heard about proposals at sporting events, malls, weddings. But an Orange Park man wanted to do something that would have the first coast talking.

“Oh my god when I get there and I saw my name I just started screaming,” that’s what Delia Martin said about her morning drive to work on Tuesday.

It’s a moment a lot of women dream about; the day you’re proposed to.

For Delia it was a marriage proposal hard to top and one that thousands on the first coast saw. A proposal on a billboard on i-95 near the Emerson exit from her sweetheart of five years, Elvin Burgos or as she calls him Rico.

“I had seen the billboard and no message or anything so they were saying if you want to advertise here or put a message call them so the light bulb went on,” said Burgos.

Delia said yes!

“It was so unexpected, so unexpected, I have no appetite whatsoever, like I can’t believe my hands, I didn’t even know I could sweat like I am right now, it’s been like this all day.”

Don’t worry Delia you’re not sick, just in love. “How do you find somebody that loves you enough to do that? Like oh my god. He’s right here ha-ha he’s right here,” said Delia.