One Nocatee family has spent the past five years every Halloween devoted to scaring the entire neighborhood with a haunted house right out of their garage in Greenleaf Village, all for a good cause.

Year after year hundreds of kids and adults line up outside to brave Linda and Mike Jeffrey’s haunted house.

“It’s just wonderful to see the excitement from them and how excited they get going through or scared,” said Jim Cook, a family friend.

There’s a lot of work that goes into entertaining the entire neighborhood. From planning, to makeup, and building, it takes an entire year to plan and months to build for just one night of fun.

“It’s been a labor of love,” said Mike Jeffrey.

It’s the family’s fifth year building the haunted house with help from family and friends and although it takes a lot of labor they do it for a good cause.

“We’ve had a personal connection with someone who passed away from breast cancer so we’re funding their foundation,” Mike Jeffrey said.

Generous donations from all the trick or treaters goes to the Apryle Showers Foundation.

“The excitement, the families, it’s just awesome to see how much they get into it so it just makes it all the worth while for us,” Linda Jeffrey said.

And after all the fun’s over, its right back to work for next years haunted house. They welcome anyone and everyone and say they hope it continues to bring joy to so many on Halloween.