JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Dozens gathered at Hemming Park Thursday to hold a vigil for the victims in Syria.

"We will continue to come, we will come here or wherever we need to go and our voices will be heard,” Jorge Navaro.

The peaceful anti-war group in Hemming Park was a sharp contrast to the violence seen last Friday. This time, dozens gathered with candles to pray for the victims that died from the use of chemical weapons in Syria.

"My dad is from Syria and we are just devastated by what has happened,” said Talal Mahmoudi. Talal and his mother Saniyyah say they have friends that are trying to flee the violence.

"Some family members have been bombed and lost their homes and their family members, it’s very sad,” said Saniyyah.

Almost a dozen officers were at the vigil. A week ago, things got out of hand when two protest groups clashed. That wasn't the case with the vigil.

Jorge Navaro was at that protest last week.

"We will make our voices heard and we will do it peacefully and abide by the law. But we expect the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office to do the same with those that don't share our vision,” Navaro said.

For Mahmoudi she wants the problems to stop. She wants there to be no war - just peace.

"That is no way for society to be built or for people to live, that’s not a way to live at all,” Mahmoudi said.