JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Days after the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, the images of what happened continue to speak louder than the words.

"Six year olds should never have to be subjected to what they're seeing today," said Dr. James Jordan. "How do you deal with that? "

The images are seared into our minds and in the the minds of our children.

"I know that teenagers don't and younger people don't understand what is happening today," he said. "We have a great division in our nation."

Jordan is a Christian counselor and psychologist. He said now is the time for a conversation with your child about hate.

"Parents need to engage with their children today," he said. "They need to get them in a conversation. What are they feeling? What are they seeing in school? What are they telling you?"

During his decades of counseling, he learned that parents are not very good listeners. He said they have to be and they must be bold and direct.

"I'd say look what you're seeing is something that you don't understand," Jordan said. "Let me tell you it is not good, it is bad, it is evil."

For your teenage children, he suggests that parents begin with their social media accounts; Don't be afraid to monitor your child's activity on social media.

"Tell them let me see your Facebook. Let me see who you're texting," Jordan said. "Want to know what you're doing. Do you think they will come of their shell then? I guarantee it will."

The former pastor said every conversation with your child about hate should be reinforced with what it means to love your neighbor.

"If I was going to tell something to everyone, I would say be real to yourself," he said. "Stand on true values, don't be so judgemental of people."

He said to look and listen to the heart of someone and not what they look like.

"You never know what someone is going through," Jordan said. "Practice kindness, reach out to help someone, it is the little things."