ST. GEORGE, Ga. – With the West Mims fire showing no sign of slowing down, people all over southeast Georgia are doing their part to help first responders.

It all started with some spaghetti and frozen pizzas Sunday. Tuesday, the St. George Church of God fed more than 100 firefighters.

“We are providing for these people to make sure they have what they need to have to fight this fire,” said Sunny Allbritton.

From sunrise to sunset, the West Mims fire is showing no sign of slowing down, burning more than 140,000 acres by Monday with 12 percent contained.

“We are just trying to help. We aren’t looking for notoriety, we just want to help someone,” said David Allbritton.

The St. George Gym has turned into a 24 hour cafeteria.

“We never imagined it would grow to this. We just want to feed the men because they are doing a service to us to save our homes and everything we have here," he said.

People in these small communities say it’s what they do: helping others.

“If they don’t have that energy to fight that fire what is going to happen? They are going to lose it and we will lose our homes," he said.