FLEMING ISLAND, Fla. -- One local family is asking the community for help to get a disabled man back home to Florida after he had a seizure overseas.

Two years ago Jamie Vicary, 26, had a serious motorcycle injury. Very few expect him to live, much less walk again.

"He made a miraculous recovery," said Melody Russell.

Last November, he and his family moved to Clay County from Erie, Pennsylvania.

"Jamie is disabled, but from where he was to where he is today, he is not disabled like he was," she said.

To celebrate his new life, and a wedding anniversary they never had, Jamie, Kayla and their children decided to take a Disney Cruise.

They left Port Canaveral over the weekend, then on Monday the fun ended.

Vicary suffered a Grand Mal seizure.

"He fell to the ground unfortunately and hit his head on the concrete and he continued to seize," Russell said.

The cruise ship doctor examined him and had him transport to a hospital in the Bahamas. He had to have surgery and the ship had a schedule to keep.

His wife and children are with him. Kayla Vicary spoke to First Coast News by phone.

"He is in critical condition," she said.

Her voice sounded like she had been crying and it cracked when she described his prognosis.

"They want to send him to another hospital here in the Bahamas, so they are rushing us to get out because we don't have the funds to pay," she said. "We have American Insurance and they do not accept it."

She spent most of Thursday obtaining passports from the U.S. Embassy for her and the children.

"We are trying to get passports to come home," she said.

And she is looking for a way to transport her husband back to Florida.

"Insurance will not cover that either," she said.

She said the family needs the money to pay the hospital bill and get Jamie Home.

Melody and B.J Russell are Vicary's only relatives in Florida and they fear the worst.

"We feel helpless right now we are the only resource they have," Russell said.

They've created a GoFundme account. So far they've raised $5,000 but they need $14,000 to get him back to the U.S.

"We've cried for at the least the last three days straight," said B.J. Russell.

They're out of options and are now turning to the community for help.

"I am begging and pleading, I need contributions to the GoFundMe page to get them home, that is what I need," said Melody Russell.

We reached out to Angel Flights, a non profit that provides medical transportation.

Nicole told us they're aware of the need and they're trying to co-ordinate with their volunteer pilots, but the focus has been Puerto Rico.