Do you remember the first time you were driving through a rural part of the First Coast? Open road? Beautiful sky with open fields on either side of you?

It's probably the last place you'd worry about your car being hit by a bullet. That's exactly what happened to one woman driving along County Road 220 in Clay County.

She's lucky to be alive and the Clay County Sheriff's Office is working to figure who sent that bullet.

Randy Yarbrough says he drives on C.R. 220 every day heading to work. He says it's a quiet area. On Tuesday, one of his employees pulled into work and noticed her back tire losing pressure. She had a flat.

According to the police report, a bullet from a high-powered rifle caused the flat. No one was hurt in the shooting, but Yarbrough says he's concerned it might happen again - and next time he's worried it might end differently.

"I got chills all over me because what if we had been going through there and that would have struck us because if it went through that tire and rim like that with no problem, it could have gone right through a vehicle and it could have killed someone," Yarbrough said.

The driver of the vehicle says she just wants to get to know who or why someone would do that. The sheriff's office in Clay County is investigating the incident but say it's too early to say if it was target practice or intentional.