Clay County officials and emergency representatives are asking that all residents please finish their plans for the approaching hurricane.

Irma is pounding Cuba as it rolls along the island nation, turning northward earlier on Saturday. It's expected to pass by the First Coast area Sunday as a powerful hurricane.

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One of the main concerns for the county include anyone who lives around Black Creek - specifically the north and south prongs of the river near Middleburg. Officers expect a rise of 20 feet of water or more in both areas. The prongs could see up to 15 inches of rain when the storm hits Sunday.

County officials are also expecting debris fields all over the county and widespread, extended power outages.

If you haven't evacuated by noon Sunday and can't get to a shelter, emergency management says you should hunker down and pray for the best.

For residents whose plans involve heading to a shelter, there is still room in shelters.