CLAY COUNTY, Fla. -- One of the more confusing things when a hurricane comes deals with evacuating. Do I have to evacuate? When should I evacuate? What zone am I in? One Clay County Boy Scout wants to make that last question easier to answer.

"The funny thing was, people thought we were vandalizing signs at first... when we were out here. When you see kids with a stepladder and a bunch of ratchets," said Dalton Willimon.

But actually, Willimon and fellow Boy Scouts were adding signs to street posts in Fleming Island. He's a Life Scout with the Boy Scouts now and needed a community project .

"I realized that in our county, not many people know what evacuation zone they're in. And I figured I needed to do something worth something for my Eagle project. So, I figured that would help the community and help save people," said Willimon.

So, he called John Ward with Clay County Emergency Management who says this is something he's wanted to do for a while.

"After last year, kind of a lesson learned for us, is we had a lot of complacency with our residents, understanding that they lived in an evacuation zone," said Ward.

Which can be confusing because even away from the coast, you might still need to evacuate.

"Whenever our east coast Atlantic gets a storm surge coming in, that'll go up the river and cause a surge in the river, which will cause, potentially, our residents to have to evacuate," said Ward.

These signs will make it a little more clear. They're color coded and have a letter on them indicating which zone you're in. So, if evacuation orders are called, you'll know when you need to leave. Ward says it'll take about a year and a half to get to every street corner in the county.

"Every time I drive by it I say, 'I did that'," said Willimon.

To see what evacuation zone you're in in Clay County, click here.