JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The State Attorney's Office has dropped charges against two Hemming Park protesters on Thursday.

The arrests followed a rally between supporters and protesters of the US missile strike in Syria. Seven people were arrested in that rally.

Melissa Nelson decided that there wasn't enough proof to pursue charges against the two organizers, Connell Crooms and Dave Schneider.

The other protesters Christina Kittle, Thomas Beckham and William Wilder have to perform 25 hours of community service as part of their plea deals. Their arraignment is scheduled for Friday morning.

According to the Florida Times-Union Schneider’s defense attorney, Hank Coxe said “It is an excellent reminder of the greatness of the First Amendment."

A statement on a Facebook page created to support the five protesters hailed the decision.

“We are overjoyed that the State Attorney Melissa Nelson took a stand with justice, against JSO (Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office) repression, by dropping the charges against Dave Shneider and Connell Crooms,” the post on the Justice for the Jax5 page said.