Jacksonville, Fla.-- An attempted home break-in and successful vehicle break-ins were caught on home surveillance video. The video captured shows two people trying to open a door on Glen Laura Road in Murray Hill South.

Carlos Sebastian's car was just one car targeted over the weekend by the thieves. He said he had a backpack inside his vehicle and the doors were locked.

"They busted out my back window, but all I had inside was a backpack with my work clothes, so they realized it wasn't important and dropped it on a nearby curb," he said.

Sebastian said he would have to a pay a $1,000 deductible to have the damage repaired.

"I'm just frustrated because now I can't keep anything in my car and I don't know if this is going to happen again," he said.

Sebastian's next-door neighbor, Andy Pachecho, said he left his car was targeted, as well.
"I accidentally left my doors unlocked and they actually took my garage door opener, so I had to change the code," Pachecho said.

Surveillance video has been turned over to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office. Residents said they'll be watching over each other's homes and installing more cameras to help catch those responsible.