JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Time for some shopping. Cameras, TV's, and Amazon Echo's. Nice displays but are people really coming into stores anymore?

"We kind of question that every year too, but it still happens. We still have a ton of people coming through the door and we do a lot of sales in the brick and mortar," Birch said.

But what about online shopping? This year it's estimated one in every two shoppers will make their purchases with a click.

That actually helps prove Birch's point. Particularly when it comes to one hot selling item this year. Cameras you can monitor from your handheld devices.

"Having that security at your doorstep to see if those packages being delivered or just make sure they're staying after they get delivered is kind of a really big thing for them this year," Birch said.

Black Friday can prove to be a long day for shoppers, but employees too. Many taking on longer days, Birch explains how they prepare behind the scenes.

"We're here a few hours before the doors open to get everybody pumped up and ready for doorbuster promotions and we're here late at night to make sure the online stock is picked up and shipped to our customers," Birch said.