Gus Elison was 25-years-old when he picked up the game of golf.

A friend of his in the NAVY said he should go to the driving range with him and give it a try, ever since then he has been hooked, a healthy addiction he's found.

"A guy that really loves golf, has a real problem when he can't play golf," Elison said.

But lately that's not been an issue for him, as he's out at Hyde Park Golf Course at least four times a week.

Considering the odds of getting a hole-in-one are about 12,500 to 1, according to a study done by Golf Digest, Gus is increasing his chances of accomplishing such a feat with each day out.

Just a couple weeks ago he has an ace from 189 yards out on fourth hole at Hyde Park.

It was Gus's seventh hole-in-one in his life.

"It was the best feeling shot I've hit in a long time."

A hole in one is a fickle occurrence. There are some professionals out there who have never had one, and there are hackers who have had multiple.

Gus is far from a hacker, able to easily "shoot his age" every time he goes out.

He played the game for 31 years before his first ace. He had it on hole 15 at Cecil Field back in 1981.

And while it took him three decades to get his first, he's had six more over the next three.

"I had three in total at Cecil Field," Gus remembered.

He's had two at Hyde Park, two others at courses out of town.