Daniel Nyman was charged with simple battery against a law enforcement officer after an incident at UF Health in April of 2017. The charges against him have now been dropped and he was released from jail Monday.

The incident was recorced and the video depicted a Jacksonville Sheriff's Officer at UF Health leaning over Nyman and allegedly spitting on him. According to the woman who recorded the video, Nyman, who is mentally ill, was outside UF Health and was upset over being denied treatment.

After the alleged spitting, Nyman can be heard saying, "You gonna spit on me?," the man is heard saying in the video. "That's a lawsuit, you stupid f***ing pig!"

The video goes on to show Nyman walking away while cursing and the officer following him before tackling him to the ground. However, the police report stated that Nyman spit on the officer and that he swung at him, though neither of those things are clear in the video.

When the police report came out for the incident between the Jacksonville Sheriff's Officer and Nyman, his mother spoke out in defense of her son.

"I seen him take him down to the ground and go straight for his head," said Julie Yarbough, Nyman's mother.

There was one detail not included in the report: A portion of the video which appears to show Officer James spitting at Nyman.

"I feel like my son's been beaten, kidnapped, and nobody's telling me anything," said Nyman's mother.

Nyman will now be released from jail.