When one baby saw her parents kissing in front of her, she broke down in a fit of tears.

Thankfully, the tears subsided when 5-month-old Ella's parents kissed her on her cheeks.

Proud father Matt Hanneken told ABC News that it's a bedtime ritual that he and his wife, Krissy, have with each of their kids. The two are also parents to Tyler, 8, and Carter, 5.

"We would kind of kiss them at the same time every night before going to sleep, and [the boys] would get a kick out of it and they'd laugh and they'd love it," he recalled.

"This particular night, she started to give us that look. My wife said, 'She must be off her game tonight,'" Matt Hanneken recalled, saying that's when his wife grabbed the camera to record the hilarious reaction.

Now when the parents kiss Ella good night "she's all giggles and all smiles."

Matt Hanneken said he's glad the video of his daughter went viral because it's important that parents teach their kids how to love.

"Love is an expression," he continued. "For kids to know that they're loved, they need to see it, they need to experience it so then they can show it to others as well."