JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Neighbors in Avondale say a detour along their narrow road is causing some big headaches.

The detour is the result of the City of Jacksonville repairing sidewalks, curbs and gutters along nearby Park Street.

"We're very grateful for the work being done on Park Street, it's just a little hairy right now," said Peggy McDonald of Avondale.

McDonald said there's been constant traffic along Talbot Avenue ever since it became the detour route for Park Street construction last week. She worries there could be a serious accident right outside her home.

"They go quickly, they don't slow down a lot," she said.

With a moving truck on one side of Talbot Avenue Tuesday, a JTA bus driver couldn't pass by, so he got out of his bus, moved some lawn debris and a garbage can, before running over that debris.

One resident captured images of what he said is a JTA bus driving on his lawn. He also sent a picture of the damage he said was caused by that driver.

Sal Alaimo with JTA said he's in charge of a dozen detour routes and that bus drivers were told not to take the Talbot Avenue detour.

First Coast News spotted several JTA buses not following those orders Tuesday. Alaimo said he's since sent messages to every driver on this route not to drive the Talbot Avenue detour.

"Buses, trucks, garbage trucks, everybody has to weave through this labyrinth on Talbot," McDonald said.

It wasn't just trucks. Everyday drivers often had a hard time squeezing by.

Good news may be on the horizon. According to the city, the Park Street project should be complete by the end of the week.