Months of narcotics investigations by the Atlantic Beach Crime Suppression Unit with “Operation Crack-alicious” has resulted in the arrest of 18 of local drug dealers and prostitutes.

According to the Atlantic Beach Police Department, there will be additional arrests in the near future.

Arrested during the Operation were:

Christian Karcher DOB 6/11/92 – sale of marijuana
Eugenia Bowman DOB 12/18/87– sale of crack cocaine, possession of cocaine
Everette Walden DOB 4/25/94– sale of crack cocaine, manufacturing crack cocaine
Marquis McCowan 6/20/94– sale of crack cocaine
Michael Van Nelson 4/29/65– sale of crack cocaine
Monica Pederson 7/18/72– prostitution, possession of heroin, possession of crack cocaine
Ondre Nesbitt 7/3/90– sale of crack cocaine
Rasheed Burley 12/20/89– sale of crack cocaine, possession of cocaine
Reginald Washington 9/24/82– sale of crack cocaine
Sean Wise 5/11/66– sale of crack cocaine, possession of crack cocaine
Stephanie Juymohan 3/6/98– sale of crack cocaine, possession of methamphetamine
Tony Curry 10/7/92– sale of crack cocaine, using person under 18 to sell cocaine, possession of methamphetamine, possession of cocaine
Vance Harris 4/21/91– sale of crack cocaine
*Juvenile* 17 years old- sale of crack cocaine
Katelyn Walker 3/13/93- prostitution
Kristin Cieslik 11/19/91– prostitution, possession of cocaine, possession of paraphernalia
Wayne Woodley 6/24/78– human trafficking, possession of cocaine
Katrina McCowan 4/15/64– sale of crack cocaine