Saturday afternoon some kids got to see a group of law enforcement officers let their guards down and just say “surfs up.”

It was part of the Surfing with a Cop event out at Atlantic beach.

The goal was to help change the way kids and teens perceive police officers in the Atlantic Beach community according to Officer Tricia Anderson.

“Having them come out see us out of our uniform that we are real people too,” Anderson said.

National Surf day sounded like the best time, said Anderson, to plan this community bonding free event, plus nothing says down to earth then wiping out.

“It’s important to give kids the experience to do all different things in life to let them experience something they had maybe never done before, “ she said.

Like appreciating beauty that surrounds their home and all that it offers, with lessons that go beyond the surf

This is the first year the Atlantic Beach Police Department hosted Surf with a Cop and they hope to make it an annual tradition.