JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Residents in one Arlington neighborhood are frustrated because of the flooded street in front of their homes. They say drivers speed through standing water along Woolery Drive, sending water into their property.

Homeowners Dennis and Deborah Thibault say Woolery Drive is used as a shortcut from Merrill Road to Regency and they see speeders all the time. They say that, combined with the frequent flooding on the road, is a nightmare.

“They make wakes, they have water spreading on top of their cars and they won’t slow down,” said Deborah Thibault. “We’ve tried everything to try and stop them.”

The couple said the standing water on the street is more than two feet high, reaching up to the middle of their driveways. They said with speeding cars passing by, the water can reach the back wall of their garage.

The Thibaults say Woolery Drive floods around six to eight times a year and that it’s been an ongoing problem for the last 20 years. They said they tried reaching out to Public Works, but have seen no results.

“Ultimately we need to get the city involved and get the problem resolved. These are our houses we need to protect. These are our homes we want to come home to,” said Dennis Thibault.

They hope drivers will use more caution and think again before zipping down the road.

“Slow down, just slow down and eek your way through it. Don’t go flying through there. It’s really, really just terrible for all of us,” said Deborah Thibault.