JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - From Amazon to IKEA to the Town Center: Job growth is happening fast in Jacksonville.

Chela Simoneau was hired on the spot at Newk's Eatery, one of the more than dozen of restaurants and stores that are coming to the Town Center area along Town Center Parkway.

"I love working there," Simoneu said. "This is the first job that I've had that I can actually say that I love."

Simoneau's new job at Newk's, which opened for the first time Monday, means she can work up to a dozen more hours per week over her previous job.

"It means that I'm making more money, I'm able to save more money," she said. "The more I make, the more I can save. I usually put up about half of my paychecks, so when my paycheck is only like $200 it doesn't give me much to save."

Here in Jacksonville, Amazon is looking to hire for 4,000 positions, IKEA is hiring for 250 and the new developments near Town Center like Neuk's, PGA Tour Superstore, Chuy's, Fogo De Chao and Cheddar's, will add hundreds, possibly a thousand new jobs alone.

Amazon hired more than 170 people at their first job fair on Monday.

"I'll tell you, I'm not sure anything can top what's happening right now with not only major names, but it's spread all over the city," said Jerry Mallot, President of the JAXUSA partnership.

Mallot calls all this development a prolific and exciting time for Jacksonville.

"It means that most everybody can have a job during this period of time," he said. "It means that most companies are doing quite well. It means more tax revenues for local governments and state governments, and that's an important thing to be able to pay for the needs of our community."

Simoneau said all this development is good for young people like herself.

"It's going to bring a lot of jobs to teenagers and young people just now getting out of college or just now getting out of high school that need a job or want a job or just want to support themselves," she said.

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