An Orange County judge ordered a woman charged with killing her mother held without bond Sunday.

Marla D'Andrea was caught with her 7-year-old son Friday night at the Orlando International Airport. She was found here after Jacksonville Beach Police issued a missing child alert for her son Friday, noting that the boy was believed to be with his mother. That happened when D'Andrea's 67-year-old mother Barbara D'Andrea was found dead in an apartment in Jacksonville Beach.

Duval County authorities charged Marla D'Andrea with second degree murder. She was booked into the Orange County Jail on no bond at 4:37am Saturday. Shortly before noon Sunday, she faced a judge to have the charges read, to appoint an attorney, and to set bond. The judge continued D'Andrea's no bond status, and said that Duval County would come soon to transport her there to face charges in her home county.

As she left the courtroom, D'Andrea remarked, thank you, adding a few seconds later, I think.

Jacksonville Beach Police have not yet revealed the cause of death, a motive for the crime, or why D'Andrea was in Orlando, where she was intending to go, or how she was found here. The JBPD said some of those answers would be available Monday.