JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Monday, an officer hit and killed a man on Moncrief Road. In the last 10 months there’s been more than 12 officer involved crashes.

In March of this year a JSO officer was involved in a crash on the west side.

Investigators says the officer was responding to a call when he apparently failed to yield while making a turn. In that case, JSO says the officer was at fault.

Last month, an officers patrol car  ended up in a ditch-- after police say the officer hit another car, on Wilson Boulevard.

The officer was responding to a reported robbery. At the time of the crash JSO did not say who was at fault.

"The lights and sirens mean nothing if you are driving recklessly,” said Attorney John Phillips.

Phillips says there is a growing problem with officer involved crashes.

His law firm just filed a complaint for a 2016 incident.

"We had a JSO cruiser that was crossing Reba Ave and Phillips highway and our client was coming perpendicular as he crossed,” said Attorney William Walker.

The client is Vance Gupton - He was riding a bicycle at night when he was hit.

JSO says Gupton hit the officers vehicle.

"At 35 miles an hour it don't match up buddy, I am just asking for the truth to come out,” said Richard Woolbright.

The most recent officer involved crash resulted in a death.

Monday around 7:30 JSO says Derick Woolbright was riding his bike on Moncrief Rd.

They says he was in the right lane, swerved left and then swerved again before the officer hit him.

"I haven't even been able to tell my mother because she is sick and might have a heart attack,” said Woolbright.
From June - December last year, JSO was involved in 11 accidents.

Many where the officer was not at fault. Some people question if officers should always have their lights and sirens on.

Phillips says these accidents are isolated incidents, but thinks officers need to pay more attention.

“It’s a problem with the general public with accidents when you are able to do things with more,” said Phillips.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office released a statement in reference to officer involved crashes saying:

"There is a process in place and every crash involving an officer is evaluated. Officers are held accountable, should it be determined that the officers actions contributed to the incident through a failure to follow policy or training."