JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- "Hillary Clinton has lied to the American people," cried a man clad in a star-spangled suit.

For the better part of two hours, several protesters gathered across from the Main library in Downtown Jacksonville, where presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's husband, former president Bill Clinton, was slated to speak Friday afternoon.

Just as Clinton was there to show support for his wife on her campaign trail, protesters were out to support the Republican candidate, Donald Trump.

They held signs that said Bill Clinton was a rapist, that he had an illegitimate son, that Hillary Clinton should be in jail, and that the married couple were both liars. One man, held a sign blaming former-President Clinton for the war in the Congo.

"Some college students need safe spaces because words offend them," said the protestor with the megaphone and the American flag suit. "This is the nation we've become."

The protester believes that the state of America can be fixed by the Republican nominee.

However, the protesters weren't the only people chanting. As Hillary supporters flocked to see her husband speak, they chanted "Love Trumps Hate" and "I'm With Her," two of Hillary's slogans. The protestors' rebuttals included a counter point that Hillary supporters had previously demonstrated that they were a violent group of people who often attacked Trrump supporters and asking them to prove how Donald Trump was racist.

"Can anyone tell me how Donald Trump is racist?" A pause when no one answers. "Exactly."

As voting day draws nearer both sides are heating up. Voting day is November 8.