JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - West of downtown is a distinct part of Jacksonville. The Beaver Street area houses unique small businesses where 50 business owners are coming together to make a change in their community.

“This is not the wrong side of the tracks,” said Annie Murphy, co-owner of Eco Relics.

She says she loves where she works, but there is room for improvement. She, along with neighboring businesses, are joining forces to revamp Rail Yard District.

“Not only help each other, but help the people that live here and help new businesses come in to this neighborhood,” Murphy said.

Much like the work, Murphy does daily recycling, reusing and re-purposing items.  She hopes to do the same in her own neighborhood.

“Make our buildings look better, make this area look more presentable, put a face toward the city so that maybe we can expand the roads,” Murphy said.

They couldn’t do it without a local nonprofit called the Local Initiaitve Support Corporation, known as LISC Jacksonville.

“To help them get organized so that they can leverage their capacity to make change in Jacksonville,” said Janet Owens, director of the organization.

She says they’re standing with businesses to help build a sense of community.

“If they’re successful they’re able to create more jobs that means there are more opportunities for families to grow and be successful, she said.

Murphy says the area deserves more credit than it gets. She says she’s determined to help make a difference.

“I think people will learn to embrace this part of the city and pay attention to us a little bit.”