JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The 13-year-old female victim in this case told police she had met with Rafael Guillen, 30, on two separate occasions to have sex after meeting on Facebook.

The victim said she met Guillen on Facebook in May of 2017. She released to police she phone she was using to contact him. The phone was her sisters, and his contact was saved as "hubby." Guillen referred to the victim as "wify" in his texts to her and when police obtained his phone, her contact was saved as "wify" as well. There was also a photo of the victim on Guillen's phone.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office report states that they exchanged text messages of an explicit sexual nature, professed their love for one another, and even said they were engaged.

After searching Guillen's phone, he was arrested for lewd/lascivious battery, engaging in a sexual activity with a person 12 or older but less than 16 years.