Since 2014, the number of drug overdoses has skyrocketed in Duval County.

In 2017, Jacksonville Fire Rescue is expected to transport well over 3,000 overdose/poisoning patients. In 2014, that number was just above 1700. It's estimated that transporting patients will cost JFRD $3.5 million which is over double the amount it cost in 2014.

JFRD has also projected that they will respond to double the OD/poisoning calls than they did in 2014 and that they will administer three times the amount of Narcan.

In 2014, JFRD responded to just over 2200 OD calls and it is projected that they will respond to 4200 this year. As for Narcan, 1900 vials were administered in 2014 and this year it is predicted that a staggering 3710 doses of Narcan will be administered.

The cost of 3700 vials of Narcan will be $155,4000, which is a 164 percent increase in the money spent in 2014. This is in part to the rising number of overdose cases that need Narcan and also due to an uptick in the price of the drug.

But the ultimate price is a burial plot. The drugs that require Narcan to bring users back from the brink are serious. In 2016, 631 people died from overdoses in Duval County.

The number of those deaths contributed to fentanyl? 259.

Fentynal claimed the most lives in 2016 and it is expected to do the same in 2017.

But what is the emotional cost of bringing someone back from the brink of death over and over again like some first responders do with the use of Narcan? Anne Schindler has that answer:

Every time you die: The rising cost of saving lives