JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A simple web search and you’ll find IKEA talking about quality, sustainability and price. How do their prices stack up with the competition?

EDITORIAL NOTE: I'm new to the area and could use some new furniture, I wanted to shop around. In case you want to avoid the new IKEA store, I explored some options.

First up, roomstogo.com. Here, I found a variety of options for around $100, but assembly was required.

Next, I ventured over to Haverty's. Depending on the style, prices there ranged between $300 to $500.

“I’ve been with Woodchuck’s 25 years,” said head service technician, Woodchuck's Furniture, Chris Ervie.

You could say Ervie knows his way around the furniture.

“You have inserts on each of the corners, so that’s a fairly quickly assembly job," he said.

Ervie says for those who are less 'Bob the Builder," they may want to pay the extra hundred or so and have it delivered fully assembled.

Chris says over the years, furniture is becoming more and more complex. He has put together a variety of coffee tables and kitchen sets that took as fast as 15 minutes to assemble up to three hours.

Meanwhile, over at IKEA, prices for coffee tables ranged between $25 to $500 depending on the size and design, but assembly is required.

The bottom line, prices are comparable across stores, but it's up to you and how valuable your time is to read the instructions and put it together if you go the do-it-yourself route.