JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Have you seen people lining a sidewalk in San Marco a couple of weeks ago? They were standing in line for donuts! We're talking about a local mom-and-pop shop in the heart of San Marco called "Good Dough."

They are artisan donuts made in small batches from scratch straight from the kitchen to the counter. About 700 of them flew off the shelves on Tuesday.

“Excited overwhelmed and trying to work to make everything come back together,” said the owner, Logan Moore. He says he is shocked at the response from the community.

“You put everything together and you don’t really know what to expect kind of like when you throw a party and you’re not sure if people are going to actually show up," he said.

Quite the opposite happened. Last week during their soft opening they sold out within the first hour.

“Our goal is to try to make sure that everyone that leaves the door is a little bit happier than when they walked in, obviously if we’re out of donuts that makes it tough,” said Moore.

"Donut" worry. Moore says they’re trying to figure out a good number and in the meantime embracing the love form the community.

“I took a bite and it was really good and I want to take another bite but I’m talking right now,” said a customer.

So, what’s the secret recipe? Good Dough wouldn’t give that up, but Moore says they locally source all their ingredients, from the eggs to the milk to even the coffee they serve.

“We think it brings a great taste to the dough and then all of the glazes, toppings and fillings out team makes in house as well,” Moore said.

The shop is open every day of the week.