We've seen the videos time and time again where thieves help themselves to packages left on doorsteps.

It's happened to resident Shawn Gorman of Jacksonville.

"The tracking number said it was there but it wasn't there so I started asking my neighbors it turns out somebody came up and snatched it right off my porch," Gorman said.

Gorman lives in Hidden Hills off of Southside Boulevard.

The package was shoes she'd bought on Amazon.

To prevent more packages from vanishing from doorsteps, online retail giant Amazon created a service called Amazon Key that lets couriers unlock your front door to put packages inside your home.

Here's how it works:

  • You buy a "smart lock" and a "cloud cam camera" for about $250
  • Make a purchase and sign up for 'in-home delivery'
  • When the package arrives, you'll get a notification on your phone
  • If no one is home, the delivery person will get a unique code that unlocks your door for five minutes
  • The door, Amazon says, must be closed and locked before the courier can move on
  • You can also watch the entire delivery from your camera

First Coast News launched a poll, wondering how viewers felt about the delivery service.

As of Wednesday night, more than 80 percent of people say they think the idea is creepy. About 11 percent say they would give the service a try.

Gorman on the other hand says "no way."

"I don't want anybody that I don't know coming into my house when I'm not there," she said.

The smart lock isn't very convincing either for Gorman.

"Everything these days is getting hacked," she said. "For the smart lock soon as a crook hacks it, it's like, 'come and get it!'"

The new service is scheduled to begin in 37 cities, including Jacksonville and surrounding areas, in November.