TAMPA, Fla.—The can features a man in a mesh baseball cap with what looks like a cape wrestling an alligator (and winning, at that).

The beer is a 10.1 percent ABV Double India Pale Ale.

Cigar City Brewing out of Tampa announced the limited release on their Facebook page on Friday.

"The world needs heroes," reads the description for the beer, "and in our home state of Florida only a very special hero will do. A hero with a shark tooth around his neck, a Grim Reaper tattoo on his arm and a rap sheet longer than his mama's mustache."

The beer isn't out yet. Don't worry - as soon as it's out we'll let you know.

Craft beer fans keep reading below:

Taste notes:

  • A modern DIPA with a tropical expression from the blend of hops and delicate peach esters from Omega DIPA yeast.


  • 10.1 percent


  • 21


  • 132


  • 5.5


  • 4-pack of cans


  • American hops, British malted barley

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