This Veterans day weekend a documentary premiering Friday night is taking a look at what it is like serving in one of the most dangerous areas of Afghanistan.

The film, different from other war zone documentaries in that it’s from the perspective an Army Chaplain who was not only platoon’s spiritual leader but camera operator.

Even in battle U.S. military chaplains are prohibited from carrying a firearm, so instead in the between 2010 and 2011 Kunar Afghanistan Army Chaplain Justin Roberts armed himself with a weapon of a different power—the power of truth.

“No Greater Love” The documentary, notable for being the first feature film about the current U.S. wars written and directed by an active duty member of the military

Army veteran combat medic Tim Low was in his early 20s went he was deployed and is featured in the documentary.

"After the Vietnam War, they changed the policy for the war on terror to not show coffins to sway people away from war support, for whatever reason Justin was able to run around with a camera," Low said.

No Greater Love has received 11 awards, including best documentary at the Boston Film Festival and the Louisiana Film Festival.

The documentary premieres Friday night at AMC Regency from 6:50 pm and 9:15 pm and will play through November 16.

According to the department of veteran affairs, mental health services, every day, 20 veterans commit suicide and 20 percent of veterans suffer from PTSD.

If you’d like to help the men and women who have served our country you can visit nogreaterlovemovie dot com slash give and select an organization to donate to.

You can purchase tickets here.