JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- New businesses are popping up in Downtown Jacksonville, an area critics say could use some new life. One of those businesses is right across the street from First Coast News. It's called Manifest Distilling.

They make vodka, whiskey, gin...you name it..right in the heart of Jax. You can find their products in Northeast Florida, and now, they're branching out to other parts of the state.

"What we're making in here today, no one will see for at least two years," said David Cohen, managing partner of Manifest Distilling.

David Cohen took our Anthony Austin on a tour. Cohen is a man who enjoys a good drink. Not only does he enjoy it, he can tell you how to make it from scratch.

"We are a craft distillery, we are the first organic distillery in the state of Florida," Cohen explained.

Manifest is Florida based and all the distillation equipment inside is American made. So, why did he and his business partners choose Jacksonville to open up shop? The answer is simple.

"I knew I was going to raise a family here..having been from here...I really wanted to sit my roots down and build a business and do something in the urban core for Jacksonville," Cohen said.

For many years, David says he always heard people talk about the future of Downtown Jacksonville.

That's why you can find Manifest Distilling on Bay street in the heart of what is considered the sports district.

"There was something really appealing about creating a place that people would want to come and have things to do outside of what was already here," He said.

Now, that you know the history. Let's talk about the product.

"Our core product line is a potato vodka, an organic gin, an organic rye whiskey, a barrel aged gin and a Florida citrus vodka," Cohen explained.

You can find all those spirits for sale on the shelves of Manifest when you walk through the front door.

"You can come by and pick up this cocktail kit which has your spirit, your mixers, your cups a five-pound bag of ice, a jigger...everything you need to make about 15 cocktails," Cohen said.

Manifest Distilling just celebrated their one year anniversary in October. They also offer tours. They're located right next to intuition ale works. For more information, visit their website.