Andy Ramotnik's story is an incredible one, but the book is not closed. A new chapter is just starting in the World War II hero's tale.

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He was shot down over Italy during the war. He was captured by the Germans and escaped prison camp twice. All that and his paycheck was deducted $13 for the days he was on the run from the Nazis. He's always said he felt penalized for doing what he thought he was supposed to do.

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio met with Ramotnik Wednesday at the First Coast News studio to talk about his story and to start the process of making things right.

"What a story," Rubio said. "Just an example of things that are right there underneath our nose in the community."

Rubio said it was important to get Ramotnik compensated for the days he was docked pay, but more importantly, thank him and share his story to even more people.

"Just the oral history of what that generation did," Rubio said. "They're called the greatest generation and this is a group of Americans who literally saved the world."

"It's an opportunity to thank someone while they're still with us." he continued.

Senator Rubio told us the process is just getting started, but he hopes to take Andy's story to the White House as well as the head of the Air Force.

We'll keep you posted with every update in Andy Ramotnik's story.