JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Wolfson Children's Hospital is celebrating Christmas in July and is asking for your donations. All toys received will help to restock the toy closet. They will help to spread joy to kids who need it the most.

Brianna Tort is a patient at Wolfson Children's Hospital. Her mom, Mary, brought her into the hospital after she noticed she was lethargic and had breathing problems. Brianna had pneumonia.

"This whole environment can be traumatic for her as a patient, especially for her because she's special needs, and sometimes she doesn't understand," said Tort.

But, the musical toys Julie Avirett brings to her room, help to make her day a little brighter. Avirett is a board certified music therapist at Wolfson. She brought with her a toy for Brianna. It's a toy that wouldn't be possible without donations to the hospital.

"We are able to bring them pieces of home and pieces of comfort in a time that they may be stuck in their room for most of their stay," said Avirett.

Those toys, especially musical toys, can help with their recovery.

"Without the donations, I wouldn't be able to give them those therapeutic tools to help them bedside. Because, they need that activity to increase their breathing, to increase their movement, to be able to go home sooner. Without the community's support, we wouldn't be able to provide this to the patient and families," said Avirett.

The hospital's drive will restock the toy closet and playrooms. Making the children's stay a little more enjoyable.

"We hope that they are able to receive an unexpected surprise. When you're here and not feeling good, and to know that there are people here that they've never met, helping to encourage them through their healing, and their time, it's beautiful," said Avirett.

Here is how you can donate:

1. You can visit: http://ChristmasJuly.com
2. You can create a Facebook Fundraiser to spread the word.
3. Visit Amazon.com: Child life specialists have created a registry of toys. You can find it here: Wolfson Registry
4. Pick out your own toy to donate.

The best toys are ones that can keep the kids busy, are easy to clean, and don't require a lot of energy.

Toys that bring the biggest smiles:
Infant Toys
Toddler Toys
Legos for all ages
Card games