JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- When you have a voice that can move mountains, you'll likely want to share your talent with the world. When you have a voice like 12-year-old Jamiya Floyd, you'll want to share your talent with the church.

Floyd, a student at LaVilla School of the Arts, sings in her grandfather’s church at the Under Watchful Care Ministries in Jacksonville every Saturday.

“When you sing a song you have to sing the song with expression,” Floyd said. Because otherwise what’s the point in singing at church?

“If you sing a song in church and you don’t express yourself, the church is dead," Floyd said. "You have to show expression to get the people in the church to say, 'let me stand up and start clapping my hands.'"

Floyd practices her gospel chords alongside her family every Saturday at mass. Her uncle rocks out on the drums and her grandfather, Bishop Walter Hill, mans the keyboard. This talented middle-schooler has been singing ever since she was three years old.

Floyd believes she has one goal on the Sabbath and that’s to help sing others into sanctity.

“Every song has a meaning, they should think in their head, yeah God is good. I should give him thanks,” Floyd said.

Floyd's mother, Ericka Hill, will join in on occasion, but said Floyd is much more talented than she was at her age.

“Growing up we didn’t want to get in front of the church and sing. My dad made us sing but Jamiya is totally different,” Hill said.

Floyd's mother said her daughter has really pushed herself to become a better singer.

“It’s like every time I see her sing I cry,” Hill said. Despite all of that determination, Floyd said she still gets nervous right before she has to sing.

"If I go to somebody else's church, even though I've already sang next to them, I still get nervous."

Floyd hopes to study music in college, with the help of her family and scriptures, she just might be well versed when that time comes.