The sound of laughter echoes through a Nassau County corn field.

You might catch a glimpse of one of the kids kicking up dust as they zig and zag trying to make their way out of a detailed maze. The rows are a precise design that from above reveals a perfect image of Charlie Brown and his pumpkin.

But Connor’s A-maize-ing Acres wasn’t always about corn. Fifth generation farmers, Eddie Connor and his wife Betty Jean used to raise chickens. The poultry farm produced some 400,000 chickens a year before Tyson closed its doors in 2002 putting the Connors and other poultry producers out of business.

A few months later the Connor’s transformed their farm into a fall attraction. They started with a corn maze. That was 13 years ago, now thousands visit the ‘Connor’s A-Maiz-ing Acres’ in Hilliard, Florida each year.

The acres are filled with games, food, a hay ride, petting zoo and of course, a corn maze. The maze is cut by Connor’s himself, who goes by Mr. Eddie. His wife describes it like an elaborate cross stitch of corn. Each move is plotted out to make the design.

If you see a tall man in overalls chances are he’s the owner. The Connor’s tell us they don’t miss the chickens adding that people smell much better.