The days of going door to door are over. One local school is changing the game, using a 21st century method to raise thousands for a new school project.

At Valley Ridge Academy, supporters can pledge money to help the school reach its goal using a web link and one mouse click.

This new method makes it easier for students to reach a wider audience. Vice president of fundraising, Heather Little says this is one of the smarter ways to raise money. “Everything’s moving online,” said Little. “Parents and students can reach family all over the country.”

Sandra McMandon, principal of Valley Ridge Academy says way is safe and more reliable. We don’t want our kids going door to door. That’s not what fundraising is about. It’s to raise funds for our school to support…and to connect with our family members who may not be nearby,” she said.

Raising over 51 thousand dollars, in two weeks, parents and students say this method is less stressful and meaningful.

McMandon doesn’t take reaching these type of goals for granted.

“So incredibly blessed to be at a school…with parents and family members who are supportive of what we’re trying to do here,” she said.

To celebrate their big accomplishment, the school hosted a fun run. Students were asked to run 35 laps to represent the 35-thousand-dollar goal.

The money will be used to build new sunshades and water bottle fillers for the school.

Students like Nash Kerseing are excited to see the new structures to know they’ve played a part in making it possible. “I feel like that I’ve helped do something for the school and I just feel really good about it,” he said.