JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A new television show has connections to the First Coast.

The show "Found" just premiered in the U.S. on the History Channel this week, and two of the hosts are hometown guys.

Now Michael Arbuthnot of St. Augustine and Blue Nelson of Jacksonville are two of the five hosts on the show. When they are not doing television, they both work as archeologists for a company called SEARCH in Jacksonville.

The premise of the show is average people around the country have "objects, heirlooms, and antiques that have been handed down with stories," Nelson said.

"And they don't really know the depth of context of these materials," Arbuthnot said. "And they come to the Found team and through historical research, we get answers we we can give the to these folks to let them know if the artifact has historic significance or not."

"Being a part of the show was incredible," Nelson said.

"We're solving mysteries," Arbuthnot smiled.

In a way, the show is like Antiques Roadshow with an archeaology twist, they said.

"The difference is we're not putting values on artifacts," Arbuthnot added.

He said the team members are ethical and legal in their approach to doing real archeological research across the country.

"The only cases we work with are artifacts found on private property and were legally obtained," Arbuthnot noted. "We do not promote illicit digging, looting grave robbing or anything."

The show has already aired in several countries, and this summer, it finally came home to air in the U.S.

There's an episode that deals with a situation in Florida. It's one of Nelson's favorites, but he said his most favorite episode is one that dealt with a potential Jesse James pistol.

"That's actually the next episode, and internationally, it's been the most watched episode," he said.

Nelson said, "I'd say the show makes history and in particular, archeology a little more palatable for the public."

They're hoping viewers will discover their show just like they uncover history.

"We're hoping for primetime," Arbuthnot smiled and crossed his fingers.

"Found" airs on the History Channel on Mondays at 11 p.m. The next episode "Outlaws and Aliens" is Monday, Aug. 7.