JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Imagine heading to the voting booth and being told someone else already voted under your name. A Northside woman says that's exactly what happened to her this week.

"I was like how could this possibly happen?" asks Debra Taylor incredulously.

Debra Taylor went to the Oceanway Community Center for early voting Sunday when she was told she already voted. It appeared someone else had voted using her name.

"There's so much going on about voter fraud right now, it just makes you wonder are people really going into voter centers and voting in other people's names to try to build votes," says Taylor.

Taylor filed a police report, worried someone else may have stolen her I.D. and used it for even more nefarious means. She says she has checked to make sure and she hasn't been a victim of any identity theft.

"I was really shocked and surprised because that never even crossed my mind that that could even happen," says Taylor.

"Anytime you have human interaction, you may have a human error," says Robert Phillips, Chief Election Assistant for the Duval County Supervisor of Elections office.

Phillips says it was likely due to a poll worker that had a bit of a mix-up.

"What happens is the poll worker may look up the wrong voter either by date of birth or by name," says Phillips.

Phillips says of the more than 460,000 anticipated to vote in Duval County, this kind of mix-up will happen to maybe 6 voters at most.

Taylor was instructed to fill out a provisional ballot. Her records will be reviewed and assuming they match up, her vote will count.

"We can do that by comparing the signatures of the voter record and the voter on file," says Phillips.

Taylor says more needs to be done to prevent her situation from happening again.

"Maybe they should do more verification besides just running somebody's I.D.," says Taylor.